Living by the Golden Rule

In the beginning we are a blank canvas painted by our environment, circumstances   and experience that define us as a human being.  This should by no means be a static picture if one is open to change when new evidence is presented to the contrary.   It is important that we grow and keep an open mind as we experience new things. We all have our opinions base on our free will and experience that formulating our beliefs.  We are entitled to our beliefs and they should be respected as we should respect the opinions of others in a free society.  We should not harbor hate or malice toward a person or a group of people in a civil society. We live in a parallel universe of a free society and a civil society.  In a free society there is no regulation of personal thoughts as long as no harm is done.  To function as a society of social being we must live in a civil society respecting each other without hatred or malice toward each other. Living by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Is the foundation for living in harmony and respecting each other in a civil and free society.

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