Deplorable Democrats

The democrats are holding the American people hostage to their false narrative that advancing DACA, (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is more important than the needs of the American citizens.  A resolution for Daca should not be tied to the funding of the government and 58 percent of the American people agree with that. The democrats are turning into the party of hate for Donald Trump blinding them to the needs of the American people being obsessed in trying to bring this president down at all cost over the needs of the American people. The most important job of the federal government is protection of the American people.  With a government shut down we are not paying are brave man and women in our arm services and our border patrol agents this is deplorable.

The republican do have majorities in the House, Senate and has the Presidency.  In the Senate it takes 60 votes to pass a funding bill there needs to be a compromise.  That compromise is hinged on dealing with DACA people (the dreamers).

The democrats do not want to compromise on DACA most people do support a deal for DACA including the President Trump which I do agree with, but in return there has to be boarder security an end to chain migration and end of Visa lottery. We need a merit base immigration policy. We need to stop kicking the can down the road we need a comprehensive immigration bill.

Shutting down the government is not a good idea be it Democrats or Republicans. Democrats are putting the needs of illegal  immigrates over the needs of American citizens is unacceptable.  There only doing this to try to gain political points and make the President look bad. They are doing a disservice to the American citizens and the Dreamers. This is a deplorable action by the Democrats.

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