Unleashing American Capitalism

President Trump toke center stage at Davos talking about economic growth , prosperity and American capitalism, while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and disgraced former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) were babbling and belittling thousand-dollar bonuses and increased take-home pay for American workers.   Wasserman Schultz actually said she is “not sure that $1,000 … goes very far for almost anyone.” And Pelosi, who said a $40-per-paycheck Obama-era tax cut as a “victory for America,” said thousand-dollar bonuses are just “crumbs.” These comments show the disconnect between the Democrats and the middle class workers in this country. The tax reform is giving some people raises and most people will see a raise in their take home pay in February. The Democrats are crying this tax break will be bad for the American middle class. Armageddon,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned, calling it “the worst bill in the history of Congress, The Democrats spouting like Chicken Little the sky is falling shows a lack of leadership over this issue.

Not one signal Democrat voted for the tax reform bill instead they ridiculed thousand dollar bonus as crumbs. They are showing their frustration with the success of the Republican tax reform. The tax reform shows the true greatest of American capitalism supporting reform then letting the market force of the private economy for profit take over. The democrats never had a plan that would generate $1,000 bonuses or raises and creating more jobs because they have lost sight of American capitalism.

Larry Summers seems nostalgic for the low-growth Obama years. Writing in The Post this week, Summers claims that “while Trump will probably try to take credit for all the economic good news, it is unlikely that he deserves it.” Summers is right — up to a point. President Barack Obama’s economy did produce stabilization after a traumatic recession. But it’s Trump’s pro-business policies and attitude that have put the economy on steroids unleashing the power of American capitalist. Trump and Republicans in Congress are responsible for the economic boost that at least 3 million Americans and counting are receiving in the form of tax-reform bonus and raises. Not Obama, not the Democrats the credit has to go to American capitalism and the tax reform bill.

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